Activating Angelic Communication

July 9, 2014

The New Divine Humanity


Angels are all around you. Your connection is through your Heart.
Some of you may have a direct connection at the Soul level with Angels as you have existed in Angelic Form. You are here to Bring forth your Angelic Message to humanity.

There is no distance between Angels and humans. All things that exist, do exist in different Frequency Dimensions.

When you tune into a Radio station, you will not get Fm on Am. This is very similar to Communicating with Angels. That are here and present for you, including You existing in Angelic Form.

The Realm of the Soul and the so-called other side, is a Frequency dimensions, and within those realms are many levels of Frequencies, of Light.

I have created an “Angelic Human” Activation that will help You to connect with your Angelic Self. This Activation will also help you with Communicating with Angels. I will post this…

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