Sananda – A Call to Help Our Beloved Kathryn May – Message to Community of Channelers from Sananda – 7-9-14

July 9, 2014

Higher Density Blog

I read this message and had no trouble understanding what Kathryn must have endured…I don’t expect everybody to see the truth in this message, since not everybody is in the heart where truth lies..But whether we understand it, believe it, or not, we owe her our respect, for she has given up her time, Love and energy to make sure that many could be enlightened…She has brought us truth and knowledge so that we could progress and advance in confidence…and especially to those that have just awakened who can find  through her messages some meaning to what is happening in their lives…I wish you all Peace, Love and Light…Amparo 

Sananda: A Call to Help Our Kathryn


Beloved Ones, I wish to talk with you about something that is dear to my heart.

During the time while I have been in higher dimensions preparing for this dramatic time which is…

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