Saint Germain – We are Embarking on the First Wave of the Abundance Packages – With this Massive Change will come Startling Shifts in Your Lives – Your Mission is to Be Generous and Smart – Maximum Positive Impact on the World – Money Is An Exchange Of Energy! – 7-10-14

July 10, 2014

Higher Density Blog


Our Twin Flame Project – Converting Lucronexia (greed) to Freedom and Light

Saint Germain:

I bring greetings of Love in abundance and Light. This will be a week in which we offer you complexities, puzzles and challenges to tickle your minds and jump-start your heart. The reason we are opening all the windows and doors and helping you to air out your psyches is that we are embarking on the first wave of the abundance packages. With this massive change will come startling shifts in the way you will need to deal with your lives.

Life as a wealthy person is very different in this world from the life of a worker. There are completely different considerations and choices to make every day – and I don’t mean what colors you will choose for your Porsche, your yacht and your three mansions. That would be a very 3D way…

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