Oversoul Teachings: Keep the Strength – Part 1/2

July 11, 2014

Openhearted Rebel

Channeled through Wes Annac, Oversoul Teachings, The Culture of Awareness

Allow yourselves to connect with other realms; other dimensions of consciousness, the inhabitants of which excitedly await the contact you can make with us.

Let yourselves believe you’re capable of perceiving and connecting with the higher realms, for in doing so, you’ll strengthen your higher-dimensional links and start bringing through the energies and impressions of your guides in much clearer ways than most of you are presently able to.

We’re constantly sending our energies and impressions for as many earthly souls as possible to pick up on, and we wait for you to realize our constant presence around you so you can use our presence for your benefit and that of your planet.

In connecting with the higher realms, you can bring through a greater amount and purity of energy than has yet been seen on the surface of your…

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