The Foundation

July 17, 2014

The New Divine Humanity


If you read “FEAR BASED” Posts about disasters and enemies and all things out “there” like Disclosure, etc:

You may desire instead to Spend time in silence, listening to the voice of your Heart ~ listening to The Voice of your Soul, Living within your HEART.

RECOGNIZE though, nothing impacts You UNLESS IT IS WITHIN you ALREADY.

It has to be within you to influence you, there is NO OUT THERE!

If you are NOT in Harmony ~ LISTEN TO MY Audio Frequency Transmissions!!!

When in Harmony and Fear comes up, it actually is an EXCITING thing ~
Embrace fear like this:

Isn’t this beautiful, there is something in me, that is not yet Loved within me, this is what this fear is, this is a great opportunity for me to SEE IT and LOVE it within me.

This is LOVING yourself to FREEDOM ~ through the use of your…

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