The Matrix and The New Dream

July 24, 2014

The New Divine Humanity

july2014jpg 3

As you Flow and experience change through time, the matrix you are holding as your conscious awareness, held within your Blueprint and Soul design, during this incarnation, is constantly interfacing with All That is. This interfacing, includes many parallel worlds that you exist in, that you are not necessarily, conscious of.

Your Reality is what you know as true for you, and is held “within” you. Expanding your consciousness, to all that is possible for you, opens your awareness to More that is “already” held “within” you. These possibilities are held within your Heart and your Eternal Immortal Body of Light.

Allowing something New to come into your conscious awareness, is much like, dreaming a new dream. However, if you have no awareness of the many possibilities that are available to you, your image screen keeps playing the same dream.

Entering your Heart often, and staying present there, opens deeper…

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