Happy New Moon to You

July 26, 2014

The New Divine Humanity

july2014jpg 3

Happy New Moon to You,
I hold you in Love and in your Sacredness, Too.

Rising like the Sun, You are, All that You Are,
a Sacred, Beautiful, Everlasting Star.

Breathe in the anointing, with every Breath,
immersed in Union, there is no Death.

See Clearly now, through your Heart, it is true,
the Divine Beginning, as on Mu.

The Union of the Christos and Sophia, is here in form to stay,
Blessing you every moment, the Sacred, Holy Way.


I love you Great Souls! I am Victory! I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am! I Am Beloved Pistis Sophia! I Am!

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Wisdom in Union, is the Union of The Christos and the Pistis Sophia!

For MORE information on the Birthing of The New Creation Please go to:

http://www.iamthequeenoflight.com and read the Archives, here are some links to a few of The New Creation Posts:

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