Crystalai Blog – Ascension Protocol – 7-29-14

July 30, 2014

Higher Density Blog

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The time of our Ascension has come.

However, there are certain Protocols that have been set by the Emerald Covenant and the Guardian Alliance

that must be followed during the time of Ascension. The human raceline has been completely mutilated over

and over again during the past eons. Humpty Dumpty fell out of the Star System created by Sun Alcyone into

the Milky Way and was broken into many pieces. Each of the these pieces of the original Star had to have its

consciousness put back together again before it can ascend back to its home of original creation. This is the

process that we are going through now as we prepare to Ascend back to Tara and Gaia, which are not in the

Milky Way Galaxy. The template of the original human must be restored. We must repair a minimum of

5DNA beforeā€¦

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