Jill Renee Feeler – Updating the Human Codes – Channeling Archangel Gabriel – 7-16-14

July 30, 2014

Higher Density Blog

Jill Renee Feeler

Today’s monthly gifted webinar contains deeply meaningful and activating information about the present average age of humanity, why it’s so brief and how we can adjust it. We include a powerful activation to assist in removing the human expiration code, which we placed originally to allow for the Separation Age experience. We also discuss insights on the stages of the afterlife, “death” and how to best ensure you transition fully into the Source consciousness upon transition. Many layers to this message. We recommend experiencing it more than once, as you are led. Love and blessings, Jill

Inspiring, evolutionary messages in a non-religious yet deeply God-centered manner to expand consciousness, thrive and help us savor our human experience.

Jill Renee Feeler is an author, futurist, spiritual experiencer, alchemist, gifted intuitive and inspirational visionary for beings across the globe seek-ing personal re-union with their expanded vibrational access, their…

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