Tsunami of Love; Vortex Love Energy Downloaded. A Walk with Mother 7

August 1, 2014

the goddess walk

thegoldenlightchannel thegoldenlightchannel

Continued from a Walk with Mother 6

So last weeks Giant Transformation, Purging of Grief, Tears, Pain and The Golden Lightening Bolt I grounded into the Vortex Sacred Site Energy Center are both Connected.

It’s funny when you get something more clearly.

I have known for some time now that the Lightworkers/Way-Showers are the Portals of the New Earth Energy Coming into Earth.  (Are you one too?)

Meaning we are Infused with New Light Frequencies/Vibrations/Colors that are Raising the Vibration and Consciousness of Humanity, Bringing us into the Golden Age!!!

Over the past year when I heard about incoming astrological or ascension energies and what type of roller coster of feelings we can expect to go on…..I realized that I had just been on that Ride!!

I finally got it (again) since I am one of the worker bees downloading the light frequencies, of course I am going through…

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