August 3, 2014

I Am of the Stars


Dear Ones,

As you may recall, Ma’at is the principle of truth, balance, order, law and morality (2). Let’s take a look at the balance aspect of this principle. In chemistry (bear with me, I’m a little rusty on this), Balance is sometimes expressed through the theory of dynamic equilibrium.

For a long time, Earth has existed in 3D, a closed system (3) — a system from which there has been no escape. Within that system, the forces of light and dark have existed in a state of dynamic equilibrium (4). That is to say, it’s been 50% light, 50% dark. Sometimes one of us, such as a lightworker, have become a little more than 50% light — and that with very great effort on our part, because we’ve been ‘bucking the odds.’

But then, because the whole Earth system has existed in dynamic equilibrium, our ‘light gain’ must…

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