Some Poems From Palestine Under Siege – 2002, from Bamboo-Water

August 3, 2014

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Here, by the downslope of hills, facing the sunset
and time’s muzzle,
near gardens with severed shadows,
we do what the prisoners do,
and what the unemployed do:
we nurture hope.


This siege will extend until we teach our enemies
paradigms of our Jahili poetry.


In siege, life becomes the time
between remembering life’s beginning
and forgetting its end . . .


Life in its entirety,
life with its shortcomings,
hosts neighboring stars
that are timeless . . .
and immigrant clouds
that are placeless.
And life here
How do we bring it back to life!


Here, by the upslopes of smoke, on the house steps
there is no time for time,
we do what ascenders to Allah do:
forget pain


The soldiers measure the distance between being
and nonbeing
with a tank’s scope . . .


We measure the distance between…

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