Steve Beckow: Life is a Game – And It’s Rigged! – Part 1/2

August 7, 2014

Openhearted Rebel

CrierWritten by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia, August 6, 2014

Life is a game – and it’s rigged!

It is. It actually is. (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone. Wink, wink! Nudge, nudge!)

How is it rigged? The answer lies in what Shankara called “the longing for liberation.”

“[The] longing for liberation is the will to be free from the fetters forged by ignorance — beginning with the ego-sense and so on, down to the physical body itself — through the realization of one’s true nature.” (1)

The purpose of life is for you and I to know who we are, what our true nature is, who we are fundamentally. The game that was created long ago was that God asked us to discover who we are.

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