Kp Message 8-7-14 2244 HST… “The Procession” and the “8-8 Lion’s Gate”

August 8, 2014

Kauilapele's Blog

140411_kp_mauna_kea_P1010045_240_6This is something which I saw earlier in the evening. It is a completely “energetic” vision which was shown to me, from somewhere.

In the first hurricane, Iselle, which I see representing the Divine (aka “enLightened”) feminine, there is a group of Kahuna women leading the way. They are accompanied by some men, but in this group, the Kahuna women are the leaders. They are each bearing Light… could be a torch, but it feels more like an Illumination of the Being.

They are here to prepare the islands, to care for the ‘aina, the soil, the substance that supports and nourishes growth… in consciousness… in understanding.

The men are all caretakers of these Kahuna women, and in some way, protect their Sacred Feminine Energy.

This is all coming via Iselle (“The Gazelle”). And as Iselle is Gazelle, she will move through the islands quickly, but with grace, and honoring…

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