Spiritual Master Free Spirit – Entering into Relationship with Star Beings – 8-12-14

August 13, 2014

Higher Density Blog

Visiting other worlds

As we ascend out of the human condition, the potential for deep relationship and interaction with the Star Beings (or the angelics) becomes manifest.  To enter into relationship with them is a means of deepening our own relationship with our own Immortal Being. As with human relationships, these relationships with higher-dimensional Beings are tools for cleansing away subtle blockages to the energies of Source. These Beings are also on hand to assist ascending beings into their collective and will often act as ‘travel guides’ for the Upper Planes.

Deep relationship with multi-dimensional Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences becomes possible through releasing ones preconditioned beliefs that one may have about ‘aliens’, which are invariably false. Bad aliens do not exist in the higher-dimensional planes (beyond the lower astral) and thus one must release the fear of ET intelligence. This is facilitated by releasing ones attachments to the human condition so as to become…

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