BREAKING: Ebola and the Bankers: Making Money On Taking You Away

August 14, 2014

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

by Joe America*

So, mandatory vaccines weaponized by penis-insane Soros and child-crippling Bill Gates in a lab with the USAMRIID that killed with vaccines is not going to be a good health choice.  Mass murder, seems like it, but healthy, not much.

But after all, Ebola is supposed to so frigging deadly that we won’t notice that they can declare any damn thing they want, without there being a disease at all.  The Nazis need this BAD since they are not dealing with some terrible spreading Ebola but a country full of normal people.  Well, they may have used those 50,000 immigrants they invited in at the border and who would have been vaccinated with who knows what and sent all over the country.  They need to make their Ebola pandemic, you see, and it takes military work and drug company Media and tricks, tricks, tricks.

But they aren’t too…

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