– 8-15-14

August 16, 2014

Higher Density Blog

 Rogin Williams 3Robin Williams’ Gift to Ascension

August 12, 2014.

I was sitting between two mothers at my granddaughter’s season’s final soccer game last evening.  I heard it from two sides – in less than two minutes – as cell phones vibrated to attention, announcing the death. The shock each woman expressed aloud – to no one in particular – was palpable as shadowy rain clouds hung above our neighbourhood. At game’s end I looked back at the field, seeing it bathed in a rather toxic yellow hue.

Inconceivable synchronistic events manifest in our world each day.  These ‘signs’ may be inconspicuous or seemingly unhelpful when seen through the limited lens we own when it comes to the future.  And yet, similar to when the 9/11 news broke we are living through another one of those global turning points this summer. Undoubtedly, over the first days of August, 2014, the weight…

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