Mapping Startup CartoDB Raises $8M To Aim At Being A Geospatial Standard

September 10, 2014


Mapping and geospatial platforms are crucial to the web and app world we live in today. Remember the craziness when Apple Maps launched with a sub-standard product? Yeah, that. So companies trying to take on mapping continue to play in a fascinating and important space because dynamic or real time maps and visualisation is still a big problem to solve.

Thus today, ‘all-in-one’ web mapping and geospatial platform CartoDB has secured an $8 million Series A funding led by Berlin-based European VC Earlybird Venture Capital, with participation from existing investors Kibo Ventures and Vitamina K. The cash will be used to scale up the company which emerged out of Madrid, Spain, but it now HQ’d in New York.

The open source mapping and geospatial application platform now claims to have over 50,000 users and over 100,000 active applications.

Some of their competitors include Esri and Google Maps Engine…

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