The Power Surge of Expansion is Underway!!

September 26, 2014

The Shift of Time and Energy!

upgraded consciousness

This new story is already getting so darn exciting, and truly, we are simply in the prelude section!!  Sometimes tho, when I get into the start of readings, I forget which part of the story we are in.  There is so much to remember lol.  I want to focus today with two of the readings I had yesterday, they are telling us so much about chapter 1 of our new book of life.

My first man of the day, a beautiful soul I have had the privilege to watch grow, embrace and use his true divinity over the last few years.  He showed up suspended over the magnetic field I call the equinox (and please know, it is not a single day, but an energy field itself.)  His arms were stretched outwards, his legs slightly spread apart and he was nekkid as a jay bird!!  Yikes!!  Thank goodness spirit blurred…

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