November 2014 Astro-Energy Report Inside Out Change ~ by Sarah Varcas

November 2, 2014

Forever Unlimited

astrology of November 2014, inner change, letting go, clinging, truth & discernment, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Uranus square Pluto, Full Moon in Taurus, New Moon in Sagittarius, Sun in Sagittarius, Mars conjunct Pluto, Mars in Capricorn, Neptune direct, Chiron direct, Neptune in Pisces, Chiron in Pisces 

My report for October highlighted the need for patience with life’s challenges and a willingness to make space for woundedness – our own and that of others- without having to jump in and ‘make things right’. This compassionate patience – holding a safe space of acceptance in the face of pain and a willingness to acknowledge and not turn away from suffering – was a potent force last month and all efforts made to patiently co-exist with difficult feelings, challenging circumstances and those difficult to bear aspects of ourselves and others, begin to pay-off in November as Pluto aligns with Uranus and Chiron for a relationship which continues until February 2015. This alignment points a way through challenges and out the other side. It invites us to actively engage with any areas of struggle in our lives now –…

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