The 13 Codes Of Ascension – Serenity Expressions .com – 11-2-14

November 2, 2014

Higher Density Blog


13 Codes of Ascension

There are 2 ways that we enter a material form to create a spirit in a human body. We have to create a physical body up from the 9 underworlds of Earth. This dense, clunky, material body (an Earthly space suit so to speak) is subject to gravity, time and dimension, and it takes a lot of energy to maintain it . . . at least for now.

Simultaneously, we also have to bring down our Spirit through the 13 Heavens, or 13 CODES, into the body, so we can live physically and have creative consciousness at the same time. The blessing is that the Spirit has no limitations at all.

The fact is simply this . . . we were not born here . . . we fell into this life. Bit by bit we fell. Our awareness of unity, oneness, and how to useā€¦

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