The Song of Creation Starts With Emotion!! (E-Motion)

November 2, 2014

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Given everything that happened within the first few hours of awaking into November yesterday, I was chomping at the bit to get to the connections part and see how everything looks now.  I hope everyone was able to feel the avalanche of love that just permeated everything.  Even the energy of love seemed to contain a more energized energy to it, at least for me.  I broke out my DDP Yoga again and renewed my vows with Diamond Dallas Page and lasted a whole flipping hour and seriously thought about putting on my sweating to the oldies, until I tried to walk, I had noodles for legs, I figured I will wait till tomorrow to add to my exercise regime.  Not once did I cough or have a lung spasm.  I like this… a lot!!

And yet, the field was not cooperating to my likings.  My first lady missed her…

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