Accounts Launches A New Address Book For iOS That Tracks Your Many Identities

November 7, 2014


An application called Accounts, live now on iOS to start, is a new attempt at developing a universal address book. While many competitors that have gone before it have focused on aggregating user accounts from the major social networks – like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Accounts is interesting because it’s trying to catalog the long-tail of users’ social networks. On Accounts, you can add social accounts as niche as Yo, Steam, Fitbit, Reddit, Tango, Venmo and much more, and then determine which group of contacts (Work, Home, School, etc.) are allowed to view that information about you.

The app has been in development for some time, and has gone through a number of revisions since founder Ben Guild first shared his idea with us back in May. This week, it’s launching out of beta on the iTunes App Store, after having iterated on the concept following user feedback.

The idea in…

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