It’s Our Future – Stop Internet Censorship

November 7, 2014

2012: What's the 'real' truth?


It’s Our Future.  Tell key leaders to stop Internet censorship and stand up for free expression before it’s too late.

 Click Here to become active in this effort.

Leaders from 12 countries are holding secret meetings in Beijing where they hope to announce a binding Internet censorship plan through the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).1

Leaked documents show the TPP will allow media conglomerates to arbitrarily remove web content, and force Internet providers to monitor and store your online activities.2

They’ve been stopped before after millions of us exposed their plans – now they’re trying to shield themselves from public input through closed-door meetings in China.

They have no excuse. The video above lays out how decision makers can easily act to respect free expression online.

Our task is clear: we must show leaders how unpopular Internet censorship really is.

Send a message to TPP leaders now –…

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