Praying and Prophecy for Vladimir Putin

November 23, 2014

Dragon Sovereignty International

Praying for Vladimir Putin , Dad may your divine hand be upon and place favor on him. Bless his feet and hands that what ever he touch’s carry your correction and where he walks your mercy may be declared. Grant him the many splendors of Wisdom and let discernment be a crown of peace upon his head.Gird him, round about with Sanctity and Righteousness. May he be aware of that You, Dad, shroud him in Your Holy Spirit and be protection, peace and comfort to him in his journey in this world. Grant strength to overcome the corrupt evil cabal that subjugates man in slavery.

In the name of Yesu, haem.

Prophetic Word:

1 My Father, lifted me out by my hair, and brought me to a vision, amidst a deep valley’ there where a river ran through.

2 God led my wife, and mother with me, to a river…

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