RT: Palestinian Authority arrests dozens of militant Islamists ahead of Israeli election

March 11, 2015

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Published time: March 10, 2015 12:43
Edited time: March 10, 2015 14:59

Reuters/Nir Elias Reuters/Nir Elias

The Palestinian Authority has arrested around 50 militant Islamists in the West Bank. With the Israeli elections a week away, Mahmoud Abbas’s administration may fear any terror attack could propel Netanyahu’s Likud party back into power.

Security services from the Palestinian Authority (PA) have rounded up around 50 members who belonged to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the West Bank over the last couple of days. A spokesman for the PA, Adnan Al-Damiri said,“Arrests are made in accordance with the law and not on grounds of political affiliation,” as reported by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. He added that they were detained for “criminal” offenses, while also accusing Hamas of provoking the PA.

The arrests were also confirmed by Israel, with security services saying they were ordered by the president of the PA, Mahmoud Abbas. They…

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