The Matrix Programming Is Crashing!

March 14, 2015

New Earth Paradigm

Alia’s Comments: I have been taking a break from posting lately. Working on my own inner process is often incompatible with computer work or creative writing. I’ve not even been sufficiently impulsed to re-post OPS (Other People’s Stuff.) Until today.

This piece from Zen Gardner rang true as a bell on a clear day for me. It is because of all the beings (of all species) on Gaia who are doing our inner work that this monumental, beyond-history-making Shift of consciousness is happening that is thus making the old paradigm programming obsolete.

Remember that one of the most powerful acts you can do in these times is what Bradley Loves suggested some weeks ago: Speak out loud or to yourself “I do not consent!” “I do not agree with that!” Anytime you read, hear or see something (like a politician’s lies, forced vaccinations  or a sky full of chemtrails) that…

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