And the Human Ego Stands Up~and Takes a Bow!

May 10, 2015

The New Divine Humanity


I have Been with you to Show and teach you many things ~ Says the Ego, with great Pride!! In Fact the role I played, became ever greater, than I had anticipated!!

Firstly, How Believing in Me so much, that you actually believed you were me, 
showed you that whatever you Believe in Becomes Real for you! Becomes your Reality! 

I showed you if you believed You were separated into parts, which Is what I represent, You would Believe You Were Separated!

I have taught you ~ Your Beliefs ~ Make anything appear Real.

I have Taught you ~ you are a Creator.

Now what I stood for, became very real for many on Planet Earth.
That which started off as a game and dream of Proof ~ that each One is a Creator no matter what one Creates, became so very real, that many forgot they were the One…

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