NASA scientist says we may be living in a Matrix-like digital imprisonment designed by Aliens

May 11, 2015

Mission Galactic Freedom


Guys thats why i request you all Pls do  Watch the MATRIX Movie again & again.. like i have myself seen it 6 Times-Each  all the 3 parts in all??  and the more i watch-it the more i learn… This Matrix can be Hacked and some are working on it…… So many of us who frequent this sub subscribe to the idea that life/reality is some kind of simulation/matrix/dream/illusion/etc. Personally I have experienced proof of this several times, and so I started to experiment with ‘hacking’ the matrix initially with dreams and meditation. its like We seek our FREEDOM and FREEDOM seeks us!!….So many Are Hacking it and we will Succeed

~ Galactic human ~

In his paper, British philosopher Nick Bostrom suggested a race of far-evolved descendants could be behind our digital imprisonment.

The futuristic beings – human or otherwise – could be using virtual reality to simulate a…

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