Arcturians via Anna Merkaba – New Earth Matrix – Remembering your Divinity, your Powers – Infused with Creative Energies – Our Thoughts Materialize Much Faster – Negative Thoughts: observe, examine, release – Transmute Darkness into Light – Stand True to your Convictions – 12-8-14

May 13, 2015

Higher Density Blog

newearthmatrixGreetings everyone! Before I begin this channeling I would like to explain what has been happening. As I spoke about this, in my previous message to all of you, many of us have been working on removing the old matrix system. And as many of you have later shared with me you too have been involved in this decision making and carrying out of this plan. You too have seen the spider webs and the spiders. You too have seen the destruction of the spiders, etc.
That is precisely what has happened in the last few weeks and will continue to only spiral in its intensity.To help you understand what this means is this. We are all living in a world which was created by our own selves, the source, angels, our benevolent cosmic brothers and sisters many eons ago, in order to give us, a playground if you…

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