Source: Creating The Future Of Ascension – Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson


Source: 800 Meter UFO Passing Between Earth And Sun On Dec 28, 2015

Source: Sheldan Nidle – December 29, 2015~ The world rejoices as the deliveries finally begin to manifest! A new era for surface humanity begins. This realm is as well to see a new birth of freedom and equality!

Source: Criminal Roots: A Shocking Exposé on the Clinton Family and Their Rise to Power

Source: something which has never been before – Krishnamurti

Source: From BP (Starship Earth) 12-29-15… “Spasmodic Multi-Dimensional Anomalies Flicker and Prevail [videos]”

SyFy Channel’s controversial miniseries doesn’t even scratch the surface of the New World Order propaganda in this celebrated science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke.

Source: “Childhood’s End” as Luciferian NWO Propaganda (Part 1)

Source: American Kabuki 12-31-15… “UPDATED 12/31/15 WITH NEW DATA: SPHERE ALLIANCE MESSAGE #120… ONGOING SOLAR EVENT….”

Source: Metamorphosis Golden morphing plasma UFO filmed over New York sky

Microsoft users will now be notified if a state-sponsored attacker tries to break into their accounts, the company said in a blog post. The announcement comes..

Source: Microsoft Will Warn Users About Suspected Attacks By Government Hackers